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If you like Facebook that much, why hide it?

Nothing makes an awkward social situation like a cheap pair of cuff links that say — f me. Brilliant.[Source: TechCrunch]

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Mum 2.0

A website that teaches Australian Moms etiquette of social networking (on Facebook). Niche marketing for a services that has gone…

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New Social Music Service Handles Copyright Infringement, But Not Really

(Update 12/12/2010: This service is dead. Domain available for sale)Stereo 8 allows users to upload any song. Others can listen,…

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Lots of Data on Social Networking. Ignore the Cheesey Title.

Provocative, and I wish they cite where their got their data inside the video. It cites socialnomics at the end,…

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The Human Touch

Social networking is a new layer of human communications, not a replacement of human contact. What good is social networking…

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