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Similar mission, two very different outcomes

Category : Blog Post October 11, 2010

Designing in big companies is nothing but easy. If you leave an idea to the process, you may end up at the same position as Sony…

Boxee, a small and focused firm. They started with a cross-platform open source IPTV software and now branching into hardware in partnership with D-Link. This is the remote of their new Boxee box. Familiar, restrained with a touch of surprise. Modality of the hardware communiates function.

[Sources: Engadget, Boxee TV blog]

Sony, a global conglomerate that helped define everything under ‘consumer electronics’ during the past 30 years. This is supposed to be their remote for the upcoming Google TV box. One blogger thought that it’s a label printer. I think I’ve seen someone control a remote submarine with this on Discovery TV.

[Source: Small Surfaces]


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