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New Social Music Service Handles Copyright Infringement, But Not Really

Category : Blog Post October 23, 2009

(Update 12/12/2010: This service is dead. Domain available for sale)

Stereo 8 allows users to upload any song. Others can listen, rate and share via facebook. The site removes all songs, copyrighted or not, when the song is played or up to 48 hours. There is no login for listeners, all records of uploads are deleted together with each song. To preemptively answer copyright complaints and to keep lawyers from jumping from their seats, Stereo 8 claims that it will promptly remove all copyrighted material. It even went as far to provide a 6-step process for any party who wants to file a complaint which, I’d expect, needs to be completed within 48 hours. 😛

Aside from the creativity Stereo8 has put into handling the on-going legal battles that shape online media of all kinds, they have also put media consumption in this Web 2.0, social-networked world under a new light. If we can find digital music everyone (and we can), what is the value of hosting contents? In this attention economy, do the conversations around contents and excitement of discovering new contents worth more than the contents themselves?

[Source: LifeHacker]


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