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First Draft of “Emotions & UX Design – A Mobile UI Designer’s Perspective”

Category : Blog Post, Interaction Design, UX September 7, 2009

About 2 weeks ago, I presented the first draft of this deck in UXCampLondon.

The idea of considering user’s emotions in mobile UI design came up while I attended Judith Gregory‘s class at IIT Institute of Design. Since then, I have been researching and crystallizing thoughts around the subject. The opportunity to present it to a group of UX design experts in London was both exciting and a little nerve-wrecking. I put together the structure of the deck in Chicago and finished this draft within a few days in London (mostly in a neighbourhood pub because of their free WiFi :P).

The feedback and questions from the UXCampLondon crowd was tremendously insightful. At the beginning of the deck suggests the general affiliation between users’ emotional response to designs and consumer trends. One of the audience responded and advocated for a more sustainable approach to create long-lasting products and customer relationships. On my example from Apple’s Logic Studio, Tom Hume insightfully pointed out that the seemingly un-usable UI may target advanced users (or aspiring novices) want to gain the satisfaction of mastery on complex controls. Complexity of an UI leads user satisfaction, what an exciting new concept! 🙂 I am sharing this early draft here. Please post any question you have. I will update and add content to this deck in the weeks to come. Please stay tuned.

Last but not least, I want to give credit to companies for the materials that I used as examples. Dave Armano’s illustration on Experience Design is illuminating.

Update 18-Sep-2009: Cool notes from one of the audience posted on Flickr. 🙂


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