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Computing Power is Commoditized

Category : Blog Post April 26, 2009

netbooksI’m writing this on my 2 years computer that I built back in 2007. It did not have to top-of-the-line spec’s back then, but it is still good enough for almost all of my daily tasks. You can blame Microsoft for its own demise, for not being able to hold onto the growth trend after it introduced Windows XP, which many people are still holding onto because it is just good-enough. Anything meaningful these days are done in the cloud, powered by thousands of servers that get continuously upgrade and optimized by service providers.

The era of spend a thousand dollar every 2 years on computer upgrade is dead. Linux (OS), Google (Service) and OLPC (demonstration of low-cost mobile hardware) killed it.

The Future of Computing Will be Good Enough [Yahoo Tech]


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