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Tartine basic country bread.

Category : Blog Post February 14, 2015

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Category : Blog Post, Visual Design December 31, 2014

Another quick 3D sketch for fun. I like how all the details appear so natural – from the tip of the plane down to the thin ray of light that comes of the fold at the bottom.

Made with Blender.





A fun 3D model I made during Christmas break

Category : Blog Post December 23, 2014

Find the tutorial here if you want to follow along. Made with Blender.

City Hall

Category : Blog Post December 13, 2014


Category : Blog Post December 13, 2014

Constumes, people and alcohol. Absolute San Francisco.

Keynote at UXPA China 2014 Conference

Category : Blog Post November 18, 2014

Thank you for the hospitality, UXPA China team! My trip to Wuxi was an eye-opening. Here’s a recap of my talk and a transcript of my interview (both in Chinese).




Modern Day Family Vacation

Category : Blog Post August 14, 2014

Travel afar, sit together, stare at our little screens and read about life somewhere else in collective silence.

Outcome of bad service design.

Category : Blog Post May 22, 2014

Water bottle given out during a conference to replace bottled water leaked. A notebook was partially ruined. I tossed the water bottle away and now using a lot more plastic cups than I want.

Bay To Breakers

Category : Blog Post May 18, 2014

Almost home

Category : Blog Post May 13, 2014