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5 Web “Design Patterns”

Category : Blog Post July 31, 2006

This article lists 5 design patterns for websites. In summary, the author advocates in-context system feedback, preservation of user’s locus of attention, scalable page layouts, and an access area that doesn’t require user registration. Although all of the author’s points are good advices, none of them really fit the traditional definition of a design pattern. A design pattern is a repeatable solution that solves a commonly seen problem in a field of practice. Proper description of design pattern should include a motive, a description of the general problem and instructions on how the pattern can be applied.

The first 3 points in the article are basically re-hashed basic interaction design principles. Flexible page layouts is a commonly known good, but rarely practiced, web design guidelines. The advice of having a free access area is a good business practice and has very little to do with design.

A more properly documented collection of web design patterns can be found here.


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I think this was a great article. Thanks for posting it on your blog 🙂

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